The controller is dedicated to remote turning on and off of devices such as computers, access points, routers, switches. Thanks to external sensors of temperature and humidity the RST4R3 controller can also control ventilation, air conditioning , or in fish kipping the heater and light in aquarium or terrariums. In the case of plugging the driver to home light we can while being on holidays turn on the lights in house or radio simulating presence of household members.
Equivalent of RST4R3 controller having OUT ports adapted to work with 230AC voltage.
The controller equipped with two analogue ports allowing to measure current and voltage. In connection with external industrial converters it allows to measure any values, e.g. pressure, capacity, or humidity.
Waterproof thermometer for RST4R3, RST4R3-230 and UNAT1 controllers.
Humidity sensor for RST4R3, RST4R3-230 and UNAT1 controllers..
INOUT port splitter for RST4R3, RST4R3-230 and UNAT1 controllers.
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