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UNIWNET company offers uncertified written translations of general, technical and scientific from Polish into English languages and from English into Polish languages.

We have huge experience in translation of technical and scientific texts (types and examples of translations).

We offer translation from fields such as:

  • IT;
  • technique;
  • electronics;
  • telecommunication;
  • robotics;
  • mathematics;
  • and similar.
We translate:
  • technical specifications;
  • web pages;
  • leaflets;
  • technical documentation;
  • user manuals;
  • help files;
  • and we localize software.
We also translate scientific works and papers.
In our offer one can find proofreading of translations.

We always take care about keeping the original graphic layout and format of translated text.

For translation we accept documents in may formats:
  • print texts;
  • editable forms (files from Microsoft Office, Open Office programs and similar);
  • uneditable formats (files from graphic programs, photos);
  • online versions (web pages);
  • program files;
  • and help files.
Materials can be handed personally by person ordering, send via mail or e-mail. Reception of the translation follows in mode and on the date agreed on between UNIWNET company and person ordering.
In the basic price offer forwarding the translated text via email or recording it on the typical electronic carrier belonging to the client.

The time and the price of the translations is always individually set with the client.

The basis of the price is standard page of the translated text containing 1800 keyboard signs with the spaces. To count the signs we use “Words statistic” of Microsoft Word program. Valuation of translation is made on the basis of the volume of ready translation.

In the case of untypical and big orders (over 20 of billing pages) the price is negotiated individually with the client.

Price list

Source language (translation from ...) Target language (ttranslation to ...) Price (net*)
General texts
English Polish 30 PLN
Polish English 35 PLN
Technical translation
English Polish 40 PLN
Polish English 45 PLN
Correction of translated general text
English Polish 15 PLN
Polish English 20 PLN
Correction of translated technical text
English Polish 20 PLN
Polish English 25 PLN

*To the above prices one should add 23% of taxVAT.

Payment can be made in the following ways:
  • by cash in the case of personal reception of translated text;
  • by transfer
In the case of the clients, which for the first time use the services of UNIWNET should pay in advance, at least in the day of accomplishment of the translation. At big orders the client should pay advanced payment negotiated earlier with the client.

Given prices aren’t commercial offer in understanding of article 66, paragraph 1 of Civil Code. We reserve yourself the right to change the prices and individual valuation of each order. You are welcome to negotiations.

Check the translator
If you want to check the quality of translation, send us text (about 50 – 100 sign with spaces) for translation for trial for free. If you are satisfied with the quality of translation you are welcome to commercial cooperation.

phone: 17 282 12 01
mobile: 506 162 906

Our office is open from 8:00 to 16:00 from Moday to Friday.
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